Boards & Commissions

Advisory boards to the Council provide research and recommendations within their specialty areas. Members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council. While these advisory bodies have no budgeted expenses, their input often guides both short- and long-term projects and impacts future revenues.


Planning Commission
Reviews, studies, and discusses implications of all land use regulations and major development applications within the City. Recommends actions to the Council on these issues. Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Current members:
DuWayne Gratz, Chair term expires 12/31/21
John Boyd, term expires 12/31/21
Donald Blackwell, Park Board Liaison, term expires 12/31/17
Wayne Strong, term expires 12/31/19
Wynette McCracken, term expires 12/31/17
Vacant, term expires 12/31/20
Youth Representative, term expires 08/31/17

City staff:
Gail Bennett, Secretary (part-time contract)
Jack Dodge, Community Development Manager
Paula Wiech, Planner


Park Board
Park Board members are tasked with recommending improvements to City Park and with prioritizing capital projects and land acquisitions that may be funded with park impact fees. Fundraisers conducted by the Park Board promote community involvement with park enhancements. Meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Current members:
Kathryn Hull Pease, Chairwoman, term expires 12/31/17
Donald Blackwell, Planning Commission Liaison, term expires 12/31/18
Jim Meier, Secretary, term expires 12/31/19
Tren Walker, term expires 12/31/18
Yolanda Williams, term expires 12/31/17
Vacant, 12/31/16
Vacant, Youth Representative, 08/31/17

City staff:
Jack Dodge, Community Development Manager
Paula Wiech, Planner



Civil Service Commission
Authorized under the Revised Codes of Washington Chapter 41. Tasked with assuring continuing administration of the civil service system that applies to the City’s police department. Establishes policies and procedures to ensure the City “hires and retains in the classified service the most qualified and motivated employees available,” and reviews and interprets its rules relating to recruitment, testing, hiring, promotion, discipline, and discharge.

Current members:
Gail Bennett, Secretary/Chief Examiner,
Terry Robinson- term expires 12/31/18
Stacey Jackson, Vice-Chairperson, term expires 12/31/21
Don McDonough, term expires 12/31/17
Scott McIver, Chairperson, term expires 12/31/22
Monika Newbold,  term expires 12/31/19


Tourism Board
Established under state statute and required to review and recommend expenditures to be financed with hotel/motel taxes. Members meet on an ad hoc basis when projects are identified for possible funding.