Planning Commission


The Planning Commission reviews, studies, and discusses implications of all land use regulations and Comprehensive Plan changes within the City. Recommends actions to the Council on these issues. Meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.

Current members:
DuWayne Gratz, Chair term expires 12/31/20
John Boyd, term expires 12/31/21
Donald Blackwell, Park Board Liaison, term expires 12/31/23
Wayne Strong, term expires 12/31/19
Wynette McCracken, term expires 12/31/23
John Welch, Jr., term expires 12/31/21
Taylor Gratz, Youth Representative, term expires 08/31/18

City staff:
Gail Bennett, Secretary (part-time contract)
Jack Dodge, Community Development Manager
Paula Wiech, Planner