Staff Directory

Public Works/Engineering:

After Hours Emergency Contact Number
4:00PM to 8:00AM Daily, Weekends, and Holidays
253-929-1110 option 1
Please leave your name, phone number, and a short explanation of the problem.
Please note: that the City’s Public Work Crews cannot do work on private property.
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Administration Vic Kave Mayor (253) 929-1108
Administration George Martinez City Clerk - Personnel Director (253) 929-1105
Administration Lorden Ingraham IT Director (253) 929-1145
Finance Brenda Rolph Finance Director (253) 929-1117
Finance Laura Marungo Finance Lead (253) 929-1103
Finance Stacy Knutson Utility Billing Clerk (253) 929-1122
Finance Robin Bonville Finance Tech II (253) 929-1129
Finance Angelica Noble Senior Utilities Clerk (253) 929-1104
Finance Tarra Mannie Finance Tech II (253) 929-1102
Public Works Rick Gehrke Public Works Director (253) 929-1113
Public Works David Yaghoobi City Engineer (253) 929-1115
Public Works Jim Schunke Project Coordinator/ Deputy Emergency Manager (253) 929-1116
Public Works Crew Bill Brookhart Public Works Lead (253) 929-1164
Public Works Crew Michael Rodriguez Stormwater Technician (253) 929-1165
Public Works Crew Tom McCulley Maintenance Worker III
Public Works Crew Timothy Bush Maintenance Worker II
Public Works Crew Lucas Bright Maintenance Worker II
Public Works Crew Ruben Rios-Terron Maintenance Worker II
Public Works Crew Jason Knox Park Maintenance/ Wetland Specialist
Public Works Crew Arlo Doepker Maintenance Worker I
Public Works Crew Charles Black Maintenance Worker I
Public Works Crew Skylar Christie Maintenance Worker I
Community Development Carl de Simas Community Development Director (253) 929-1107
Community Development Associate Planner (253) 929-1111
Community Development April Shrader Permit Tech (253) 929-1112
Community Development Building Inspector (253) 929-1109
Community Development Code Enforcement (253) 929-1141
Community Development Cathy Fisher Administrative Assistant (253) 929-1144
Parks & Recreation Kevin Caviezel Parks & Recreation Director (253) 929-1151
Parks & Recreation Darcie Thach Senior Center Lead (253) 929-1153
Parks & Recreation Joanne Futch Youth Center Lead (253) 929-1155
Parks & Recreation Angela Zold Activities & Transportation Coordinator (253) 929-1154
Police Robert Hendrickson Chief (253) 929-1160
Police Lieutenant (253) 929-1131
Police Rana Hoover Police Clerk (253) 929-1158
Police Deborah Aubrey Police Specialist II/CSO (253) 929-1136
Police Rico Donaglia Sergeant (253) 929-1132
Police Terry Carter Sergeant
Police Tanner Knutsen Detective
Police Zachary Stevenson Officer
Police Steve Munoz-Meza Officer
Police Jesse CastaƱeda Officer
Police Matt Crawford Officer
Police Wayne Goding Officer
Police Jake Zahnow Officer
Police Casey Metzger Officer