Building and Permits

The Building Department has the responsibility of administering building related codes. The primary duties of the department include issuance of building, mechanical, and plumbing permits for all new and existing construction as well as perform project plan review and field inspections to ensure compliance with current Building Codes, Pacific Municipal Ordinances, and State and Federal Laws.


Office Hours

Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 5:00 pm (except holidays)

Adopted Codes

Building Codes adopted by the City of Pacific, as amended by the State of Washington Building Code Council (SBCC):
2021 International Building Code
2021 International Residential Code
2021 International Mechanical Code
2021 International Existing Building Code
2021 International Fuel Gas Code
2021 International Fire Code
2021 Uniform Plumbing Code
2021 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
2021 International Property Maintenance Code
Residential Energy Code Info
WA State Amendments to ICC Codes (as applicable)
National Electrical Code: Electrical permits administered by the WA State Dept. of L & I

Applications & Forms

Visit our Permits Webpage


Construction Drawing Requirements - Commercial
Construction Drawing Requirements - Residential

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International Code Council
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Acquired Structures Program (SKCFTC)

King County’s Construction & Demolition Ordinance

NEW C&D Recycling Requirements: King County now requires that C&D (construction & demolition) materials be taken to a King County Designated Facility and has banned specific readily recyclable C&D materials from being disposed of in a landfill. A list of designated facilities and details on the bans can be found on the King County C&D website

King County Construction & Demolition Flyer   


The City of Pacific is committed to providing outstanding service by ensuring commercial buildings and residential homes constructed, altered or maintained in the City of Pacific meet the recognized standard for overall quality of life and building safety through a cooperative effort with our citizens. 

Inspection Hours

Please note: Inspections are currently being scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Inspection requests must be received by 3pm prior to date of inspection.
Submit your request via Email.
For Fire Permits, submit your request to VRFA.

Inspection Process

These are the basic steps you will take in order for your construction project to be inspected. Please review these steps to understand what is expected of you.

  1. Apply for your permit BEFORE beginning construction work.
    • The permit application process may require plan review, so plan your project timeline accordingly.  After your  permit is issued, we inspect your work to make sure it is done according to the approved plans and the applicable building codes. 
  2. Review your required inspections.
    • Be sure to understand what is expected in each phase of your project. As a permit holder, you are responsible for obtaining all required inspections on your permit. 
  3. Schedule your inspections.
    • Request inspections as work is completed. You are responsible for scheduling all inspections and re-inspections. 
    • Schedule an inspection:
    • Email 
      • Provide the following information in your request:
      • Permit Number, Address, Type of Inspection, Date of Inspection (T,W,F), AM or PM, Contact Name and Phone number
      • Note: For all Fire Permits, contact VRFA to schedule your inspection at (253) 288-5870
    • Tips for a Successful Inspection:
    • Have your permit and any approved plans on site and available for the inspector.
    • Provide the inspector with safe access to the work area and on-site access to parking.
    • Be prepared for your inspection before the inspector arrives.
    • Make sure the work has been inspected before covering it and that all work has been done in accordance with 
    • approved  plans.
    • Begin the work within 180 days of the permit’s issuance date and complete the work within two (2) years of the
    • issuance date. All permits will be subject to expiration after 180 day of inactivity, without warning. 
  4. Schedule the Final Inspection to close out your permit.
All permits shall require a final inspection to complete the process and close out your permit. Most insurance companies will not cover damages that involve work not inspected as required by the city.
Once all inspections have been approved and signed off, schedule the final inspection. The sign-off on your final building inspection is your authorization to occupy the premises unless a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) is required.
On Single Family Residential projects, the completed permit card is the Certificate of Occupancy; make sure you protect this document throughout the building process.
If a C of O is required, you must obtain that certificate before you can occupy your building or tenant space. Certificates will be issued by the building official prior to occupancy for the following projects:
    • All new commercial buildings
    • All new multifamily buildings
    • Some substantial additions for commercial and multifamily buildings
    • All new tenant improvements
    • Tenant spaces involving a change in use